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Artist, hair stylist, usage rate, NO.1 beauty instrument;
The beauty device trusted by professionals on the set of fashion, movies, TV dramas and more.
Belega's unwavering value is to live up to its name.We pay more attention to the actual value of the product than the publicity and appearance. Based on the experience and medical evidence obtained in the salon field, we have invested a lot of time and energy in the development and manufacture of this product.

And, more than anything else, it is Belega's greatest pride to be trusted by professionals in the beauty industry.


Any Belega product purchased from any retailer or location not listed below could be counterfeit or defective, and there is the potential that these products are harmful to use as they exist outside of Belega regulation. Belega do not take responsibility for any product is released from purchasers and these products will not be covered under Belega warranty. Purchasing a Belega device from an unauthorized seller is done at the customer's own risk.


Equipped with scalp and eye massage guide

The scalp massage guide head is better to use, effectively improves the power-on efficiency, and the actual use experience is more obvious.Use after brushing your hair for more effective scalp care

Increased output energy intensity by 10%

After changing the iw waveform of the red mode (lifting mode), the actual use is more gentle, the intensity is upgraded, and it can penetrate deeper into the skin

Lithium-ion brand new battery

Lithium-ion new battery, longer life

Add cosmetic storage bag

The size and quantity of special thin cotton pads have been increased to make the operation more convenient.And comes with a special storage bag, making it more convenient to carry


Thoroughly cleans pores and deep skin grooves

Let the current pass through the surface of the skin, which can easily remove the stains in the pores and deep skin grooves that cannot be cleaned when washing the face normally.Thereby promoting blood circulation, making the skin white and translucent, with luster.

Activates epidermal and dermal cells

By introducing a microcurrent μA (microampere), which is very similar to the physiological electricity in the human body, the aging cells can be rehydrated and full.This restores firmness and elasticity to the skin and rejuvenates it.

Use patented radio waves to exercise expressive muscles

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) stimulates the interferometric waves generated by the iw waves of the expressive muscles, which can effectively exercise the expressive muscles.Therefore, in this way, the muscles and tendons can be prevented from producing inertia to the electric shock, so that the exercise of the facial muscles can continue.

High-efficiency nutritional supplement

Current penetration refers to a medical cosmetic method that uses special current pulses to improve the passage rate of cell membranes.Generally, cosmetic ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid cannot penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue to achieve cosmetic effects without injection.

Touching 5 minutes, 365 days of beauty salon-like experience


Since the establishment of Belega Co., Ltd., our unchanging values have been service, product and authenticity.Also, I want to thank you for valuing its product over its way of doing things, and not being constrained by the size of the company.All our employees will work together to become a company where everyone in Japan can say "thank you".Thank you for your continued support.

——Belega President Yuyuki Okumura



can use.
However, there may be adverse reactions to some metals.
Likewise, there is the potential for adverse reactions to implants such as silver dentures under treatment.
If there is any adverse reaction, please lower the gear level to use.

Use according to skin condition.
Need to avoid use on inflamed areas.

can use.
If you press the beauty device on the neck, shoulders, scapulae, etc. before the face care, it can have a lifting and firming effect.Can also be used for chest, below knee, above knee, calf, ankle and upper arm care.

The lasting effect of the infused ingredients may be shortened after use.Please check with the injection hospital for the time period when it can be used.

Not available.After postpartum review, it can be used after returning to normal daily routine.


If tap water is used, the probe may rust.
Please use professional lotion or purified water.

If you use the power cleaning mode (green/black), the dirt that has been removed may re-attach to your skin.So please replace the cleaning cotton every time you use the green mode and black mode.

It may be caused by not cleaning the probe in time after use, or by a reaction to the ingredients of the sunscreen.
Please wipe the probe with a dry towel or cotton cloth in time after use.

Basically, you can use it with any beauty serum.However, this product will absorb all the ingredients in the beauty serum into the skin, so please pay attention to all the ingredients contained in the beauty serum before use.

Did you touch the base part on the side of the beauty device?Are your hands dry?Is your skin dry?
Because this product uses direct current, it must be effective when it touches the skin.

can use. 110-240v, for worldwide use.