Jofiou Beauty is Hong Kong's first light luxury beauty device expert. Since its establishment, it has been standing at the forefront of the beauty industry, and is committed to collecting and introducing a series of the latest, hottest and most high-end beauty products for Hong Kong.

We sell the products of the world's first-class home beauty brands, including YAMAN, CELLRETURN, ARSISTIC & CO, TRIPOLLAR and BELEGA and other prestigious, innovative, scientific and technologically strong first- and second-tier beauty brands. Jofiou Beauty support you the most comprehensive, professional and scientific beauty products, including skin care products, hair care products and skin care products, as well as home beauty devices. At the same time, you can get the latest professional maintenance information and advice, even if you stay at home, you can easily enjoy the ultimate beauty salon experience.

We are committed to creating "Salon At Home" home-based beauty and skin care shopping platform. Because of focus, so professional.

* Jofiou Beauty is managed by Hunch Development Limited



The most worthwhile place to spend is yourself

Jofiou Beauty was established in 2019, Joyful · Finest · Outstanding , we firmly believe that "pleasing yourself", "beauty and self-confidence", and "outstanding effect" are the main considerations for consumers to buy, and it is also the guarantee of Jofiou Beauty's strict selection for consumers.

Jofiou Beauty is honored to be the first beauty instrument brand store in Hong Kong, in order to meet the needs of modern people who are busy with work and take into account the needs of beauty and health. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in beauty salons, you can enjoy high-quality beauty care effects at home.


Our mission

Jofiou Beauty
At home, there is the service of being in a beauty salon.

we implement "Push yourself and others & try it first and then put it on the shelves" concept of offering the product that best suits you, in-store sales familiar with the utility of all products, emphasizing "No hard sell, no push" , and only provide the most suitable products and use teaching for the needs of customers.