NMN has become a new anti-aging trend, teach you to choose NMN products + watch ingredients

Among the new anti-aging favorites that have recently set off a craze in the beauty industry, it must be NMN. The reason why NMN has become a hot topic is that in addition to the support of many celebrities and stars, many users share that NMN's anti-aging and fitness effects are very significant. I don't know what NMN is yet. I want to know what NMN products are ordered and what are the side effects of NMN?

What is NMN?Why is it so hot lately?

What is NMN?Why is it so hot lately?
The full Chinese writing of NMN is β-nicotinamide mononucleotide, and the full English writing is β-nicotinamide mononucleotide.Before deconstructing NMN, we must first understand NAD+, because it is an essential element that dominates human metabolism, DNA repair, and bodily functions.Although NAD+ naturally exists in the human body, with age, the NAD+ level in the body will gradually decrease, thereby accelerating aging. For example, at the age of 50, the NAD+ level in the body is only half of that at the age of 20.

Is NMN useful?

NMN can be directly converted into NAD+
Because the molecule of NAD+ is large and difficult to be absorbed by the body, NMN can be directly converted into NAD+.According to years of research by David Sinclair, a professor at Harvard Medical School, oral NMN can be quickly absorbed by the body and increase the level of NAD+ in the body, thereby achieving anti-aging effects.

NMN efficacy: anti-aging, anti-vascular aging, enhance energy metabolism


In addition, ultraviolet rays will reduce NAD+ in the skin, accelerate skin aging, and make the complexion dull and uneven. NMN can restore the ability of cells to recover from ultraviolet damage and effectively delay aging.

What are the side effects of NMN?Can I take NMN daily?


NMN can be taken daily.In the dose range of 250mg to 1200mg per day, clinical measurement results show no adverse effects on the human body, confirming that NMN can be safely and effectively metabolized in the body without any side effects.Remember, this is a supplement and not a medication, so just take NMN correctly and as directed and don't need to worry about side effects.

Order NMN products? What does NMN10000 stand for?

As the anti-aging effect of NMN has been confirmed by many studies and praised by many users, more and more supplements claiming to contain NMN ingredients have been launched on the market, but you must choose carefully to avoid falling into the NMN scam!Mention that when buying NMN products, you must recognize the purity, content and activity of NMN contained in the product, and carefully read the ingredient label on the bottle, because even if it is made of the same raw materials, the NMN purity of the product can appear multiples or more. difference.


NMN products are generally divided into pill-shaped or powder-shaped designs. Usually, NMN products with a pill-shaped design are marked with a number on the bottle, such as NMN{}, NMN10000, and NMN15000, which represent the total amount of NMN contained in each bottle ( in mg).

For example, NMN10000 means that each bottle contains 10000mg of NMN. If there are 60 capsules in total in each bottle, that is, each capsule contains about 167mg of NMN, and it is usually recommended to consume 1-2 capsules per day.

Are you looking at the ingredients of NMN products again?Beware of falling into the NMN scam

NMN is actually a derivative of vitamin B3 (vitamin B3 is also called nicotinic acid or Niacin). Although NMN exists in different foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, etc., the NMN content in food is extremely low and difficult to penetrate Eat enough in your daily diet to achieve anti-aging effects.
When purchasing, pay attention to the ingredient list that must clearly indicate that it contains β-nicotinamide/nicotinamide mononucleotide, β-nicotinamide mononucleotide or β-NMN (β stands for active NMN, which is a very important reference indicator), Only when it really contains NMN!Some brands will tricky to write expressions that contain vitamin B3, niacin, or even similar to broccoli extract (containing NMN) to mislead everyone about the NMN content of their products, but in fact the NMN contained in them is very little or not at all. No (about 250mg of NMN can be ingested by directly eating about 400 broccoli, can you imagine how much is left after extraction?).Even though the product does not negatively affect the body, the effect it can exert is very different from NMN.

The price of pure NMN or high-concentration NMN products is generally more expensive, which is based on considerations such as precious raw materials, purity, third-party certification, origin and production technology. watch

NMN side had no choice?The recommended daily dose range is 250mg to 1200mg

To feel a significant anti-aging effect, according to clinical measurements, the optimal daily dose of NMN is in the range of 250mg to 1200mg, and the body must consume at least 100mg of NMN to effectively increase NAD+ levels.If the NMN content is too low, it will not have much effect.In addition to NMN, many NMN products will be combined with different antioxidant ingredients such as resveratrol, blueberry, bilberry, etc., which can not only exert the effect of NMN, but also achieve a more comprehensive antioxidant and repairing effect. The price is also more affordable, and you can choose according to your personal needs.

Is NMN suitable for anyone?What is the best age to start taking NMN?

As mentioned above, the NAD+ level of the human body will gradually decrease with age, and after the age of 50 is the most needed period of NMN supplementation.If you start taking NMN at the age of 30, although you may not feel much, it can still achieve the effect of preventing aging; if you take NMN after middle-aged and old age, you will feel more obvious changes in your body. NMN is suitable for most people to take. If you have any disease and you have doubts about NMN products, it is recommended to consult a registered doctor before taking it.

Are there any caveats to taking NMN?


There are many NMN products on the market, and their formulas, production technologies and effects are different, and the good and the bad are mixed.Some people feel more energetic after taking NMN in the morning, because of the increase of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which improves physical strength and energy; some people feel more obvious after taking NMN at night, and the quality of sleep has also improved. Just take it correctly according to the directions on each NMN product.Purchasing requires understanding of the qualifications and historical information behind the NMN manufacturer.

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