Cellreturn 光療美膚,一步到位!

Cellreturn LED Light Therapy, one step to beautiful skin!

Cellreturn is committed to researching the topic of "beauty" and has created a compact light therapy skin care device that is safe, efficient, and convenient, allowing more beauty enthusiasts to unleash their self-worth and unlimited beauty power.
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After the age of reckless youth has passed, women in their 30s have become aware of the importance of skincare. Skin issues can also send some signals, such as skin becoming more prone to oiliness, decreased water retention, and loss of balance between oil and water; even without staying up late, dark circles are visible, fine lines and broken capillaries appear, and pores become more enlarged.

Resisting aging is urgent, and the Cellreturn Platinum LED Beauty Device is a crucial step in skincare. As a beauty device with LED module patent technology in Korea, the Cellreturn beauty device uses 1026 LED light beads and regulates cellular bioactivity through red, blue, and pink light therapy to accelerate skin metabolism and improve skin conditions. The red light mode helps increase skin elasticity and collagen regeneration, injecting energy into the skin. The blue light mode is friendly to sensitive skin and is also effective in treating acne. Paired with the pink light mode, it not only repairs skin and reduces scars but also has a calming effect on the skin.

Time management saves time and effort.

Most women in this age group face the challenge of balancing their careers and family responsibilities. They need a beauty device that can provide real results without requiring too much time and effort. The Cellreturn Platinum LED Beauty Device, the fourth generation, addresses the pain point of busy urbanites with its mask-style design that can be worn and activated instantly, touch-sensitive switch buttons, and efficient LED modes that are comparable to those found in beauty salons. Whether getting ready in the morning, doing household chores at home, or even lying in bed watching TV shows, achieving beauty is as easy as turning on the device and enjoying a beauty treatment at any time.

Value investing preserves beauty and vitality.

For most women in their 30s, they have a better understanding of themselves and are not blindly choosing skincare products. In their beauty routine, investing in a highly effective and practical beauty device is more valuable than buying a bunch of skincare and beauty products that may go unused. The Cellreturn Platinum LED Beauty Device, the fourth generation, not only offers efficiency and convenience but also reflects the long-term value investment concept.

By using the Cellreturn beauty device for 20 minutes every day, it can effectively improve skin problems such as dark circles, broken capillaries, fine lines, and enlarged pores. Furthermore, the beauty device can be shared with family members, greatly increasing its usage rate so that it won't be left unused.

In our thirties, let's embark on a new journey with Cellreturn and move forward with beauty and vitality.

There are also many "lazy" sisters who complain that although they know beauty devices are good for them, it's really hard to stick to a routine. Some devices require an initial setup, followed by a massage, and pushing buttons for dozens of minutes until their hands are sore. After completing the routine, they still have to clean the device, which can be a hassle! Today, we bring you a review of a top-tier beauty device that can be considered a "lazy person's gospel" because you don't have to move a muscle, nor do you have to clean it - you can just lie down and become more beautiful!

Now, let's unbox the product together!

This "CELLRETURN LED Light Therapy Device," which looks like "Iron Man," originates from the professional beauty device brand CELLRETURN in Korea. It is endorsed by the Korean heartthrob Lee Min-ho and has gained popularity among domestic and foreign celebrities. Through years of participation in medical beauty research, CELLRETURN has found that skin problems repeatedly stem from unstable barriers and slow self-repair. Its patented core technology, near-infrared LED (near-infrared/red/blue light depth filtering technology), can penetrate deep into the skin through the power of light, helping to accelerate cell repair and establish a stable barrier. Let's get to know this product in detail!

— PART 1 Product Introduction

"CELLRETURN LED Light Therapy Device" comes in a large box with a handle that makes it easy to carry.

Opening the packaging box, there is a device wrapped in a small gift box and dust bag.

Opening the small gift box, there is a silver replaceable open-face mask, a product warranty card, a charging kit, a dust cloth, an eye mask, and a product manual.

The charging kit includes a charging head, a straight power plug that can charge the removable seat, and a TYPE C plug that can be used to charge the mask separately. It's very considerate and allows for flexible usage. The device can also be quickly charged wirelessly, with a full charge taking only 80-100 minutes that can last for 3-4 uses.

Let's take a closer look at the actual product - the "CELLRETURN LED Light Therapy Device". The device's super cool metallic reflective surface exudes a high-tech feel, with exquisite workmanship and smooth lines that make people eager to try it out.

The default rose gold face mask has a closed design with a touch-sensitive power button at the top. When wearing the mask, there's no need to open your eyes as you can operate it with a light touch of your finger. There's a breathing hole at the nose area to prevent discomfort during use.

The device is also very easy to use and store, with an automatic snap-on buckle on the base. Simply slide the mask down to easily place it into position.

The silver mask is a replaceable face mask. CELLRETURN uses an ergonomic mask design and offers two mask options - open and closed - for user convenience. The closed mask is recommended for those who want to focus on skincare management, while the open mask is suitable for other activities during use. The masks can be easily detached and replaced, maximizing user convenience.

Let's take a closer look at how easy it is to replace the face mask of the "CELLRETURN LED Light Therapy Device". The magnetic design makes it simple to remove and replace the mask with just a gentle lift.

The "CELLRETURN LED Light Therapy Device" has a total of 1026 LED beauty lights (342 near-infrared LEDs + 342 red LEDs + 342 blue LEDs), with three types of light and four modes. To turn on the device, simply press and hold the touch button. It defaults to near-infrared and red light mode, and tapping the button will switch to the next mode, which includes blue light, pink light, and fast mode.

The near-infrared and red light mode (20 minutes)

This mode shines directly on the surface of the skin, promoting microcirculation in the epidermis, enhancing the skin's metabolic function, accelerating the transportation of pigments out of the epidermis. It is mainly used to improve dullness, fine lines, and whitening, as well as for whitening and freckle removal needs for sensitive skin.

Red light itself has the effect of dilating pores and has a built-in introduction effect. Before use, a face mask can be applied for triple absorption effectiveness. It is the preferred mode for daily skincare, repairing damaged skin and delaying skin aging.

The blue light mode (20 minutes)

Blue light has been widely used in hospitals and professional beauty fields. It can damage and destroy the nucleic acid of microorganisms and pathogens through radiation, causing them to die or unable to replicate. This achieves the effect of inhibiting inflammation, sterilizing and controlling oil, removing acne and pimples, and repairing facial acne.

Whether it's post-medical beauty or persistent oily skin caused by hormonal imbalances during puberty or menstruation, blue light can provide good soothing and calming effects, reducing swelling and inflammation, and improving overall skin health while relieving problematic skin symptoms.

As a facial repair device recommended by the Korean ATOPIC Skin Burn Association, the blue light mode of the "CELLRETURN LED Light Therapy Device" has excellent calming and repairing abilities. It is recommended to use it after encountering problems such as sunburn, UV rays, or alternating hot and cold stimuli.

It's worth mentioning that most blue light products on the market can cause damage to the eyes, so protective goggles are typically required during use. However, the CELLRETURN device uses a patented new technology of infrared and blue light filtering LED lights, which ensures stable and safe results without damaging the eyes, allowing for direct use without protective goggles.

As we age, collagen in the skin begins to decrease, leading to problems such as wrinkles and sagging. Pink light, as a barrier after skin repair, can help enhance the absorption of various skincare products, promote the accelerated growth of collagen in the dermis, and improve the density of collagen, thereby maintaining and enhancing skin elasticity, fighting aging, and reducing acne scars.

The nine-minute fast mode

"This is an automatic emergency mode. After switching to this mode, you don't need to do anything else. It will automatically run for 7 minutes of near-infrared light, 1 minute of blue light, and 1 minute of pink light, quickly improving the skin's condition, making it more plump and delicate, and allowing makeup to adhere better. It can be used with a face mask for better results.

The "CELLRETURN LED Light Therapy Device" also has a dedicated app that is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. After registering the product through the product warranty card, the app can be used to set an alarm, record daily skin condition, and monitor skin changes, making it both thoughtful and convenient.

Whether it's for people with problematic skin such as teenagers, office workers, or those who stay up late, or for those who simply want their skin to look and feel better and slow down the aging process, skin management plays an important role in our daily lives.

The "CELLRETURN LED Light Therapy Device" combines rich medical beauty experience and LED patented technology, integrating 1026 professional LED beauty lights into a mask-style home beauty device. It uses near-infrared + infrared light, blue light, and pink light in three different modes with varying levels of penetration depths to target different layers of the skin, solving problems such as damage to the skin's foundation, pigment deposition, and superficial damage from the inside out. Its professional R&D laboratory ensures that the LED modules, light source angles, and wavelengths have small size, high peak wavelength, and high efficiency, all tested with professional instruments to ensure that it achieves beauty and skin care effects while being safe for the eyes. Use it for just 20 minutes a day to easily start your light therapy spa and give your skin a more delicate, plump, translucent, and firm texture.

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