The correct way to open the YAMAN beauty device, don't use it incorrectly!

If you want to get to know your new friend on your hand and learn the correct way to open it, start here!
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Beginner's Tips:

  1. Charge fully
    Before using the beauty device for the first time, make sure to fully charge it. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge.

  2. Start from a low level
    To give your skin a gradual adaptation process, start with the low level of the beauty device and gradually increase it.

  3. Do not wash with water
    Do not wash the body of the beauty device with water. When cleaning, use a damp tissue or cotton pad to gently wipe the care head.

#ACE Pro Four-Ring Variable Frequency Radio Frequency Device

Power button
ACE Pro has two buttons, "On/Off" and "Level". It is easy to operate. After turning it on, adjust to the desired level.

Long-press the "Level" button to turn on/off the ACE Pro's compound buffered current independently. If the level button light is on, it means that the current is on.

Instructions & Frequency

ACE Pro needs to be used with the official gel. After turning on the device, adjust the appropriate energy level (there are three levels in total). It is recommended to use it 5 days a week for 6 minutes each time.

Charging Frequency

ACE Pro takes about 3 hours to fully charge and can be used about 5 times when fully charged, which is equivalent to one week of use per charge. It is convenient for home and travel.


#Q1 Do I need to wash my face after using the device?
The official gel of Yaman is a no-rinse formula that contains anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients. After use, you can choose whether to clean it according to personal habits and skin condition.

If you need to apply skincare products afterwards, it is recommended to wash off the gel with water before applying skincare.

#Q2 Can the gel be replaced with other products?
We recommend using the official Yaman gel and do not recommend using other gels or serums as a replacement.

The Yaman official gel is specially formulated for Asian skin and contains high moisturizing, anti-aging, and repairing ingredients. It balances the conduction of energy, moisturizes and locks in water, and better enhances the effectiveness of the ACE Pro radio frequency device.

#Hydro Diamond Multi-Functional Beauty Device

Power button

The Hydro Diamond has two main buttons. Long-press the "Level" button to turn on/off the device. Short press to adjust between three energy levels.

Long-press the "Weekly&Daily" button to switch between daily lifting and weekly skincare modes. Short press to switch between the four functions in the weekly mode.

Instructions & Frequency

The Hydro Diamond has two modes. The daily mode takes 3 minutes and can be used every day. The weekly mode takes 13 minutes and can be used twice a week. It can be used with your own skincare products.

It is recommended to use the daily mode on weekdays for 3 minutes of daily skincare and hydration, and quick lifting. Use the weekly mode twice on weekends for a full deep-cleaning treatment.

Charging Frequency

The Hydro Diamond takes 3 hours to fully charge. Each time it is fully charged, it can be used for about 30 minutes. This means that it can be used for about 10 times with the daily mode and 2 times with the weekly mode.


#Q1 Should I wash my face first or use the cleaning mode first?
It is recommended to remove makeup and wash your face before using the device. The cleaning mode can perform a second cleaning, gently remove deep-seated dirt, and make pores clearer.

#Q2 What type of skincare products should be used with the Hydro Diamond?
It is recommended to avoid using oily products, exfoliating scrubs, and at-home acid peels with the Hydro Diamond. Other types of skincare products can be used together with the device.

#M21 Premium Star Version Radio Frequency Beauty Device

The M21 can be considered the "all-in-one" beauty device with three buttons and a VIB button. There are a total of four modes, and there is a dedicated eye mode when the massage ball is turned upside down. With such powerful functions, it's no wonder that bloggers on Red Book are raving about the Yaman M21.

With both reputation and strength, the M21 has become the top choice for many beauty lovers.

Power button

The M21 has two main buttons, "Mode" and "Level".

"Mode" is the power button and mode switch button. Long-press to turn on/off the device, and short press to switch modes. "Level" is the button to adjust the level. Except for the eye mode, all other modes can adjust the level.

Instructions & Frequency

The M21 has five modes, and it takes a total of 14 minutes to complete a full set of treatments. It can be used with your own skincare products.

It is recommended to use the full set of modes twice a week to give your skin a full beauty salon-level treatment. The blue light ice compress mode can be used every day.

Charging Frequency

The M21 needs to be plugged in for use. When plugged in, it can be used for 30 minutes, which is about 2 full treatments or 10 single-mode treatments.

Advanced Usage

Each mode of the M21 can be used separately, or 2-3 modes can be combined to target different skin issues for improvement.


#Q Why can't I see any dirt on the cotton pad after using the cleaning mode?

The reason for not being able to extract dirt may be:
■ Some dirt does not have color, so it cannot be seen with the naked eye.
■ The face is too dry to be brought out by the negative ions of the toner.
■ Daily cleaning is thorough.

#X Eye Mask

Power button

The X Eye Mask has buttons on both sides to adjust the mode and level.

Apply eye cream/eye serum around the eyes (under the eyes to the temples) to fully moisturize the eye area. Then, wear the mask and turn it on to start the treatment, freeing up your hands.

Instructions & Frequency

The X Eye Mask has two modes, each for 10 minutes, with 5 levels of adjustment. It can be used every day, and it is recommended to use it once a day with one mode.

🔵 Blue light massage mode: Massage the eye area and relieve fatigue;

🟣 Purple light lifting mode: Tighten the eye area and lift it up.


#Q1 The current sensation of the X Eye Mask is not strong enough. What should I do?

The skin and electrodes need to be fully moisturized for a stronger current sensation. It is recommended to use moisturizing skincare products, such as eye serum or sheet masks, to enhance the current sensation.

#Q2 Will there be any effect on the areas that the X Eye Mask does not cover?

The X Eye Mask uses the current and warmth from the four electrodes to promote microcirculation and muscle exercise around the eyes, achieving an overall improvement in eye relaxation and tightening of the eye area.